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Some R and R Vacation Recharge

Three years ago I keyboarded an entry as my nephew headed to Northern Ontario to embark on his nursing studies. My Auntie status embraced his entry into this most demanding of academic studies and the acquisition of numerous cognitive, tactile, and sentinel skills.

During my vacation I coordinated our schedules and with this nephew we spent the day on a golf course, a pursuit for the individuals who enjoy the outdoors and the chasing of a wee ball into a hole in so many strokes. (google Robin Williams and golf to learn more on the game). We spoke on a range of topics as he related his experiences as a Personal Support Worker at his local hospital; observing the RNs on the team and he has a plan to optimize his chances of spending his pre-grad in the Emergency department.

He pointed out that he had considered my advice to be in medicine for some time then specialize, but he is forging his own path. As I listened to his vignettes of experiences it was evident he is linking his knowledge, skills, and judgment. The poignant moment when the team called a Code Pink and he recognize the agonized scream of a grieving mother. He recognized the effect this event had on the team, that the manager acknowledged the team’s grief, and that the nurses processed the event individually and as a unit.

My vacation has been a recharge time to rest, recreate, golf, spend time with friends, to have alone time and enjoy the quiet of a summer evening. Make time for yourself and invite those who lift you up and pursue some fun, though it’s hard to imagine not everyone enjoys a round of golf. Namaste.

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Paula M

Registered Nurse Storyteller, Healer, Scribe, Transformational Leader

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