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Value & Respect Our Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses are essential to the health care system, the pandemic has revealed there were systemic issues present before COVID-19 these have been exacerbated by the increased stress, overwhelming fatigue, and a growing perception that the nursing profession is not respected or valued. There is the current legislation Bill 124 […]

Life Continues…

Recovery from total knee replacement continues, the marathon of COVID-19 updates continues to stream from the news channels; life continues to be about ordinary and extraordinary times. It’s foreign to me to focus on my own health matters, as a Registered Nurse I tend to be a healer at large, […]

Life’s Hiccups

We all have them speed bumps, obstacles, or as titled life’s hiccups. This blog has contributed to others on ways and means to manage and thrive in this realm called life. This past couple of weeks I confirmed a surgical date for knee replacement (maturity has its admission price) and […]

From My Heart Soul Practice

Word from my friends and colleagues that nurses are walking away in significant numbers across practice sectors. The terms burned out, stressed out, incredibly tired, exhausted, empty to name a few. The harvest we’re reaping is not one that can be sustained. We started the pandemic with one of the […]

How Are You?

Before leaving work I had a conversation with one of the staff, an experienced Registered Practical Nurse who is one of those ace performers. She is amazing in her care provider manner to residents and family, she engages in a positive, caring, and effective way with her team, and she […]

Dare I Hope; Let’s Take Step One

Well it’s been a long 7 months since we last entered a “non-essential” store, enjoyed a pint on the patio, and our vaccination rate appears to be turning the pandemic tide. As we dream of vacations out of town, on planes, trains, and into other regions by car there remains […]

Dear Florence

It’s the second Nursing Week with our planet battling a viral enemy COVID-19, here in Ontario we’re in a lock down purgatory. It seems unending, it’s been hitting us hard in the acute care sector, as hospitals scale back elective surgeries and increase ICU capacities. The talking heads (content experts) […]

Lockdown Insights On Critical Care

As April passes with some showers and May is anticipated for flowers we are yet again in the midst of a strict lockdown. As a nurse I am certainly dismayed by the rising column of ICU patients, requiring care from an increasingly tapped out health care workforce. I hear it […]

A Pandemic Year

If you missed me I have been busily acclimating to a new position located in Long Term Care. The staff and leaders have the emotional and psychological scars that occur when under great stress, grief, and locus of control is wrenched and a home for the aged is transformed into […]

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