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What Nurses Need…

Well, February is almost done, and locally the snow is falling; from inside, I’ll admit it’s pretty. The world needs a hug; the word compassion is required, but wars, inflation, mass murders, etc., sometimes make locating this essential value difficult. Last time the focus was on what nurses want, and […]

What Do Nurses Want?

As the headlines continue to profile the shortages of nurses in Canada, it is sobering to recognize my province has the lowest RN to population ratio in the nation even before the pandemic. The provincial government trumpets that the highest number of new nursing registrations have been processed, but there […]

Nursing Values & Strengths

It’s now December and though the weather outside is less than frightful the daily headlines of “tridemic” patients, especially children, are scary. The dire view that health care is on the verge of collapse is unhelpful, our leaders in government and facilities/agencies/hospitals/Local Health Networks need some swift measures to emerge […]

The World Is On Edge…

As fall winds by I find this time of year conducive to reflection. Whether personal goals, professional status, and the world. Perhaps it’s my method of organizing life events, as the blogs the past few months have explored the concept of complexity. The pandemic with mandates, closures, and daily uncertainty […]

Being Busy Could Be A Sign Of Complexity

How we see complexity science in nursing can depend on your age and ongoing education. Recent graduates have met complexity science in their education programs and in the style of their teachers transfer of knowledge. In the uptake of knowledge the assessments we make describe an individual patient’s symptoms. From […]