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The Shortest Month Turbulent Times

I find February a paradoxical month, it’s the shortest in days yet it feels lengthy most times due to winter weather, the days remain short though if we’re fortunate the “mercury” rises and we can have a day with daresay warmth and that gives us hope. The groundhogs predicted a […]

A Quiet New Year To WTF

There was much hope for 2021 as we lined up for vaccines to mediate the effects of COVID-19, the easing of restrictions that gave us a window to gather in larger groups i.e., arenas and to celebrate the winter holiday of Christmas with family and friends. Then the year ended […]

The Best Overall Blog 0f 2021

Well a nifty moment this week when IntelyCare contacted me with the results of their blogs rankings for 2021. This scribe placed 1st overall and 1st in the category of Career Advice. The blogs evaluated ranged from professional speakers, specific topics, novice and experienced in practice, education, and leadership, professional […]

Tis the Eve of Christmas

I embrace Christmas though it’s a holiday of mixed emotions this year. The pandemic has not stopped and the latest variant could overwhelm our support services. Nursing is one of these core services and our family has had to adjust due to isolation needs, consideration for a frailer elder, and […]