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Complexity: Ways of Nursing

It’s been busy these past few weeks as my elder parent entered a new phase of life, dialysis at home. The transition to manage a chronic condition with medications and monitoring is now living in a home that looks more like a supply room. Boxes and boxes keep coming, my […]

May Musing

In the area I live in; spring has been shy to show up for its grand stay, sometimes it’s a couple of days before the humidex readings are reported, sometimes it seems a few weeks, this year I refuse to wear my parka in May. Truly, no way, it’s nothing […]

Spring Thoughts–Nursing

A month has literally flown by and the world is fraught with change, financial forecasts of inflation, income insecurity, weather events, and a weeks long conflict in eastern Europe. The time to pause and listen to the silence is a challenge, there are more demands on one’s time to get […]

The Shortest Month Turbulent Times

I find February a paradoxical month, it’s the shortest in days yet it feels lengthy most times due to winter weather, the days remain short though if we’re fortunate the “mercury” rises and we can have a day with daresay warmth and that gives us hope. The groundhogs predicted a […]