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2020 New Year & Decade

I recall working when 1999 turned to 2000 and there was that doubt about computers related to Y2K would our world make the date change and survive; well we survived and I recall the city fireworks and the status of my patient. This year has been different yet again, continued […]

Passages of Time

This is a salute to colleagues who have died at the prime of life and it makes you stop and consider what your life is about. Currently I’m between positions since August I have been resting, golfing, and taken up aquafit. As the weeks go by and I focus on […]

Self Care Self Aware Shiftwork

Night shift is a physical and mental strain that many nurses do not have expert knowledge to manage it. Current times of acuity and complexity means in many cases more workload and a fair number of patients require interventions through the night. This entry will cover what you, as an […]

Do I giggle?

Giggler is not a word I use to describe myself, when I listen to an individual giggle it strikes as manifesting nervousness. I have a generally calm exterior, indeed I have a gear that can be described as “supercalm”. When my chuckle or laugh occurs it is one that is […]

Some R and R Vacation Recharge

Three years ago I keyboarded an entry as my nephew headed to Northern Ontario to embark on his nursing studies. My Auntie status embraced his entry into this most demanding of academic studies and the acquisition of numerous cognitive, tactile, and sentinel skills. During my vacation I coordinated our schedules […]

Nursing Week 2019

Welcome back and what’s new? Well the wellness journey continues and I am grateful for my boss who has been supportive and truly is one of my top 3 bosses. As I reflect on what I consider to be a good boss the word trust comes to the fore. Trust […]

Life From The Other Side of The Bed

As a Registered Nurse with many years of experience my time as an individual with a long-term progressive illness had been relatively short–a mere decade. At first the condition was more of an annoyance, but my physical decline in the previous five years correlated with increased dosages of necessary medications […]

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