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Dear Nephew

My nephew also known as the clone of my brother is about to start his nursing program in a couple of weeks.  I have invited him to read my blog, not sure if that has happened–I am encouraged that he has obviously been thinking about the program, as evidenced by […]

Summer Days & Thoughts

In my locale of the world the temperature has been hot though it does not compare to what some in the world have faced–extreme weather, terrorism, strife and war, famine, fire and or flood.  A bright spot is the Olympics are underway and the athleticism is always amazing, how a […]

How to Help Yourself PRN

As Nursing Week is almost here it’s as good a time as any to reflect on your own state of health, as a nurse you are vulnerable to caring for others and excluding yourself from much needed health management.  The aim of caring for ourselves taking “me time” is not […]

Self-Care Means Me First Part 1

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” –Unknown I have always (well most of the time) practiced self-care in a way that permits me to meet the demands of my chosen profession of nursing.  It is not […]

Just a Nurse? Me thinks not….

This week there has been a profile of a beauty pageant contestant who shared her talent–she is a nurse and her realization she is not just a nurse.  The monologue was a reflection, shared publicly and there is a talent, how to translate what we as nurses contribute everyday and […]

Where Have You Been?

Spring was my last entry and on the road of good intentions regular blog entries did not occur for a number of reasons.  Last fall a new phase in my professional life captured my attention the realm of management and applying leadership principles even more formally.  From an interim status […]

Spring and out of hibernation

On the never ending To Do list some tasks are enjoyable; it’s finding the time.  In the next week some of my time will be freed up as I complete my volunteer leader role as a Regional Representative.  As a Governor in my Professional Association I have extended my knowledge […]

Patient Experience and Staff Satisfaction

Generally no one wants to be in a hospital, especially in flu season as we surge above 100% occupancy and the emergency department is defined by stretchers lining the halls, the vulnerable patients–elderly folks in acute distress, waiting is the norm and reaching an inpatient unit does not end the […]

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