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It’s Deja Vu What to Do?

Fall is now upon us, as the trees change colour in the varying regions, so too has the number of positive cases in the pandemic marathon. 10 months ago the ripples were smaller but the warnings were growing. By March we went into a lockdown and we monitored news channels […]

4 Years Later My Dear Nephew

4 years ago I drafted an entry as my nephew started on his path to graduate as a Registered Nurse, as of now he’s a few weeks away. COVID-19 delayed his finish and sadly we had no convocation to attend. In recognition of the many nursing students who are on […]

Self-Care in Pandemic Mode

If you are feeling uncertain, guilty, scared, angry, fatigued, etc. If you are frustrated policies and protocols keep changing, PPE is a precarious resource, the leadership team is vague on length of this process, and you have obligations to your family. Considerations to your own children, obtain groceries, and friends, […]

Flatten the Curve

Well here in southern Ontario, all of Canada, USA, UK, majority of Europe and extending to Africa, South America and beyond the Covid-19 virus has impacted millions of citizens, financial losses are mounting up, and uncertainty is the new normal about the coming weeks etc. Why so bleak? Well this […]

What Virus?

2020 is to be the year of the Nurse and Midwife as named by the World Health Organization. Now this virus named Coronavirus has focused attention on health care systems. Namely we learned a lot from SARS of the early 2000’s related to communication, supply chains, travel impact on transmission, […]

2020 New Year & Decade

I recall working when 1999 turned to 2000 and there was that doubt about computers related to Y2K would our world make the date change and survive; well we survived and I recall the city fireworks and the status of my patient. This year has been different yet again, continued […]

Passages of Time

This is a salute to colleagues who have died at the prime of life and it makes you stop and consider what your life is about. Currently I’m between positions since August I have been resting, golfing, and taken up aquafit. As the weeks go by and I focus on […]

Self Care Self Aware Shiftwork

Night shift is a physical and mental strain that many nurses do not have expert knowledge to manage it. Current times of acuity and complexity means in many cases more workload and a fair number of patients require interventions through the night. This entry will cover what you, as an […]

Night Shift Wellness

Healthy eating, better sleep & fitness for shift workers.


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