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Tis the Season

The holiday season is for the child within us, the wonder of receiving, giving, sharing, and celebrating.  A significant portion of my professional life was spent in paediatrics–neonatal and critical care, so I know the holiday season can also be traumatic, poignant, sorrowful, and painful.  It never became easy to […]

Can’t Help Notice Current World Conditions

It’s been said to think globally and act locally,  right now I’m cultivating an aversion to CNN.  Nothing personal but the style of reporting contains threads of anticipated doom, liberally laced with fear, and yes there is certainly cause to be concerned but let’s be responsive not reactive.  That or we […]

Thank You I’m A Registered Nurse Not An Angel

More times than not patients or family members say the following; “you’re an angel…”, or some version that at first seems okay, until some reflection and one realizes the lack of awareness the public has of nurses’ knowledge, skill, and judgment.  Of course kindness, caring, and dedication are aspects of successful […]