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A Reason To Work Out

Since last August, I have been re-introducing exercise into my everyday life, or in this case, three times per week at 0600h. An exceptional coach modified the workouts and inspired me to achieve new goals, and she is now training to be a police officer (Great for her, meh for me). However, my body needs to be overhauled, and the health realities have crept up to the point it’s now, or my future will be more painful.

As the owner of my body, I have Parkinson’s; I have been a nurse in direct care, and my back is an intricate pattern of stenosis and sciatic-like pain that was a nightmare. In February, I had a spinal ablation, which has created the conditions of the pain being managed more effectively. Unfortunately, living with pain is no picnic, and it caused a debilitating process in my existence.

In addition to my body mass index factor, 2022 was problematic as my back interfered with golf. I love golf. It’s playtime, being in beautiful surroundings, and communing with nature. It is spending time with friends and having a laugh, so when the pain in my back was a warning to stop swinging the clubs, it was a grim decision.

I waited the obligatory six weeks, post ablation and since that recovery, I have accessed an indoor golf range to find a golf swing that will not aggravate my back. So far, so good; no discomfort, and I am limiting my sessions to 30 minutes. That’s one objective, and this past winter, I had a clarity of thought that camping would be a tremendous other pursuit. In nature, car camping, I have been doing the online shopping route to upgrade things like a tent, sleeping bag, the components needed for a tarp shelter, and a nifty French Press (not glass) to prepare my morning coffee. As I navigated the provincial parks, I looked at reviews from the public who had been to these places and viewed videos of others who had visited the parks being considered.

I peered at photos of various sites noting the features such as privacy and location, and I appreciate the first trip will be the prime black fly season. Hopefully, my bug protection works okay, and a bug jacket will likely be a wise investment. So then I thought about activities, and hiking is something I enjoy with a camera in hand; it’s April right now, so the next objective is to continue working out with a personal trainer’s guidance, and my plan is to increase my walking. Nothing overboard like 20 km in a day, but 3-6 km is reasonable, and the nice thing about being an adult is I can always opt to head to the small town and nosh on some fish and chips. Then find a spot to walk some steps, as energy out will counter what is consumed (I mutter hopefully)

It’s exciting to consider these changes and the goal that will be a reward. As the elimination of some of my excess body occurs, it can be redistributed to the universe; I say categorically do not return; the dream to be a reality my body of the 80s before I’m 80. Namaste

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Paula M

Registered Nurse Storyteller, Healer, Scribe, Transformational Leader

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  1. I wish you well in achieving your goals be they little or big. Self-care is the key to satisfaction and joy in life. Namaste

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