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May Musing

In the area I live in; spring has been shy to show up for its grand stay, sometimes it’s a couple of days before the humidex readings are reported, sometimes it seems a few weeks, this year I refuse to wear my parka in May. Truly, no way, it’s nothing against parkas it’s the principle Mother Nature is to deliver warmer days with sunshine, not chilly, grey days.

Then again we’re told by experts it’s climate change, what happened? We’ve been told there is global warming, yet our furnace is still cycling heat through the house. Watching the weather reports it appears less a science and more reading a crystal ball—it maybe sunny or it maybe rain showers, look out the window it’s windy with sleet; well that was a couple of weeks ago when it then snowed enough to cover the crocuses.

I found myself apologizing to the hyacinths and daffodils for bravely showing up in this cool, wet spring and the flashes of colour do brighten the yard, if only I could sit outside without a chill going through the layers. Golf season started for me this week and Sunday was cool and rainy (well misting hard we golfers don’t like to admit it rains on golf courses) and called it after 9 holes. Today 18 holes passed enjoyably with multiple layers worn to keep the chill out, temperature was moderate 10 degrees Celsius and I broke a 100 (that’s 94 officially which is good for me). My new knee installed last year is splendid and to play with minimal pain is a joy.

Now if you’ve reached this far bless you for being Canadian, as talking about the weather is our go to topic when other news items are just too serious. I know there is a war going on in eastern Europe, my province is about to go into election campaign mode, the latest headlines “if it bleeds it leads” just wears you down. COVID-19 is still lurking around us, the impact of the pandemic is evident in the supply chain glitches which has inevitably driven up prices = inflation. Interest rates are climbing and take home pay seems to be shrinking in covering the expenses of many in our communities.

As we consider the frontline workers in health care it’s been sobering to hear the challenges and gaps that exist in staffing, retention of staff, and conditions like gridlock that continue to roll over day to day. For those who are struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic, ask for help. The sobering anecdotes of physicians and nurses ending their lives are tragic. To the leaders, get your own mind and spirit in order, for it’s on your watch that the collective health care workforce needs support and real structuring that will deliver quality and excellence in care (sorry hearing too many critiques of less than stellar service). It’s incumbent upon senior leadership to hire managers/leaders who will provide confidence so you can sleep at night. Also see if you can find spring it’s apparently part of the supply chain challenges. Namaste.

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Paula M

Registered Nurse Storyteller, Healer, Scribe, Transformational Leader

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