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Life’s Hiccups

We all have them speed bumps, obstacles, or as titled life’s hiccups. This blog has contributed to others on ways and means to manage and thrive in this realm called life.

This past couple of weeks I confirmed a surgical date for knee replacement (maturity has its admission price) and in the same period on the search for a new position of practice. I appreciate the experience of managing in a large long term care setting, the teams were comprised of dedicated souls, diversity of backgrounds and roles, and survivors of COVID-19.

The scars they carry related to the pandemic cover the fear for self, their families, and the residents many who were sick and a fair number who succumbed to the virus. The deep relationships witnessed covered the in-depth knowledge of a resident’s baseline; the Personal Support Workers were the extension of eyes, ears, and touch for the Registered Staff.

Many of the PSWs were from far off lands; English not their first or second language, some it was a third and fourth language. Getting to know them revealed a number of professionals whose credentials are not recognized in Canada. A number of nurses, teachers, and government workers of their home country’s public service. The Registered staff of Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses were for the most part diligent, caring, and responded to coaching and advice. Indeed the strength of the foundation was to extend their task list to other domains such as critical thinking, clinical judgment all areas that are needed in the current environment of long term care.

So the long view is not to see this period as a wall but instead a case of hiccups, just relax my diaphragm and focus on something else for a while and see where my next adventure will be in the realm of Paula’s life.

So far it’s been a terrific journey with some hiccups and albeit speed bumps of some size but resiliency is a key strategy and exquisite taste in friends. Friendships are the currency of worth, as friends lift one’s spirits on darker days, shining a light on one’s greatest attributes and provide a dose of humility prn.

To those who listened and see their role as a significant contribution to health care, terrific. Those on the cusp of change–keep going your patients/residents/clients and yourself will benefit when you decide to be a champion and not a chump. To those who pursue negative behaviours and attitudes, no sweat, the universe knows who you are and karma will come to visit you one day, month, year, decade, eternity and you’ll pay the piper. If not this life, sometime; as we learn we may share, and thus influence. What a waste to operate from fear and/or anger, love is the key—all you need is love. Namaste

Remember, the secret of survival is to embrace change and to adapt….All things fall and are built again.

You cannot draw lines and compartments and refuse to budge beyond them.

Sometimes you have to use your failures as stepping stones to success.

You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair…

Yes, in the end it’s all of a question of balance

Rohinton Mistry A Fine Balance (1995)

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Paula M

Registered Nurse Storyteller, Healer, Scribe, Transformational Leader

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  1. Love this.. I miss working with you Paula… Short but sweet.. Thank you for inspiring me everyday…
    You play a very important role in my life❤️

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