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Life Beyond the Other Side of the Bed–2 years and counting

It is near the second anniversary of my surgery to improve the management of a long term medical condition, it is a year and a bit since sciatica eased and now has receded.

This means improved mobility, strength, and stamina for exciting things like using the snow thrower through this winter. Our winter has not been terrible but it is now the end of February and I really hope the groundhogs were right; we will have an early spring.

So what is my current care plan for self; Aquafit every Thursday most times I’m the only attendee, and there is no idle moments which has paid off in levels of endurance, strength, and water exercise is incredibly kind to joints and my instructor is awesome.

Last fall via Facebook Marketplace I saw an ad for personal training with boxing as the major focus. This modality of boxing is well researched as a terrific way to manage symptoms and keep the brain and body moving in an optimal way. My trainer is 23 years old, he is also awesome and his nickname for me is the Beast. We are tracking measurements every month and I have lost inches and body weight (thank goodness), also the Beast thrives on working during the sessions as I spar, hit the bags, strength train and blend cardio, flexibility, and visualize lean and well I just can’t do mean. Despite my nickname Beast.

Currently I take less than half of the medications daily compared to pre-op and currently on a sabbatical from the lumbar injections to minimize sciatica. Now it’s stretching, and stretching, and ensure warm ups before all out move the body.

What’s great is to have a terrific team to look after me, from trainer, to instructor, to life coach, to chiropractor also family and friends. Of course my own intrinsic strength, fortitude, and changing the reality to one I desire is key. All the visualization in the world does not move the body. Well off to bed the Beast wants to go out in the morning–to train. Remember it is one step at a time, thank you to my cheerleaders you know who you are. Namaste.

“People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elizabeth Kubler Ross

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Paula M

Registered Nurse Storyteller, Healer, Scribe, Transformational Leader

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