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Self-Care in Pandemic Mode

If you are feeling uncertain, guilty, scared, angry, fatigued, etc. If you are frustrated policies and protocols keep changing, PPE is a precarious resource, the leadership team is vague on length of this process, and you have obligations to your family. Considerations to your own children, obtain groceries, and friends, […]

Flatten the Curve

Well here in southern Ontario, all of Canada, USA, UK, majority of Europe and extending to Africa, South America and beyond the Covid-19 virus has impacted millions of citizens, financial losses are mounting up, and uncertainty is the new normal about the coming weeks etc. Why so bleak? Well this […]

What Virus?

2020 is to be the year of the Nurse and Midwife as named by the World Health Organization. Now this virus named Coronavirus has focused attention on health care systems. Namely we learned a lot from SARS of the early 2000’s related to communication, supply chains, travel impact on transmission, […]